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I'm legal [Tuesday]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm just here to say..

It's my 18TH BIRTHDAY!


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Been quite a long time.. [Sunday]
[ mood | calm ]

A lot has happened since early October lol.

Peter broke up with me on Halloween.
Val had her 17th birthday.
I like 2 people.
1 person likes me (but I could never date them..)
Thanksgiving is coming up ALREADY?!
My birthday is in 23 days..gonna be the big 18!
That's the summary. :)

I am thankful for electricity.

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[ mood | crazy ]

I meant to type this Sunday..but..
Happy 17th Birthday Ryan Adam DeCheney!


Happy 17th Birthday today to Missy!


[ mood | bouncy ]

Love Test ResultsCollapse )


[ mood | gloomy ]

There's never a right time to say goodbye.

Yesterday was great.
Today was okay, until about 8.
I screwed up.
Almost costed me a relationship...probably did for all I know.
The big word is..c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-i-o-n.
If you wanna know..ask me at school or something..I can't type it all out on here..it would take a while.

-Jen- :(


[ mood | accomplished ]

Happy 37th or 38th Birthday (yesterday) to
Peter's Motherrrr!


[ mood | gloomy ]

I can't please anybody.
I'm coming clean.
I'm dating Peter again.
If you don't like it, that's your opinion.
I just hate being so miserable.
I fricken love him why can't anyone understand?
I am fricken bawling my eyes out right now.
If mom wants me to move out I will..
I just want her to be happy :'(

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I don't mean to upset anyone by this.. [Sunday]
[ mood | crushed ]

I am 17, going to be 18 in a few months.
I need to start making my own decisions if I am ever going to get out into the real world.
It doesn't mean anyone is wrong..I know I can be wrong.
but please don't be mad at me for my own decisions.
If my decisions aren't right..you can laugh at me and say HAHA I TOLD YOU SO..and I won't be mad..I promise.
I just want everyone to be happy for me and what my decisions are.
Now I think I need to go talk to someone..I will update more about this later.


[ mood | excited ]

Happy 19th Birthday Peterrrrr!

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[ mood | sad ]

I will never forget the many people that died 5 years ago today..
nor will I forget the many people who have died defending our nation..


[ mood | Happy/Nervous ]

We won!! 41-6 :)
I got my hair highlighted..
took 2 hours lol.
Went out to dinner with Cari :)
Going school shopping with them tomorrow..
Senior pictures Saturday..

http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=2219953&imageID=1115703463&MyToken=5b157312-cab3-4127-bb87-fc18c2954a69 <--picture of my new hairrr.

3 ||♥||

[ mood | confused ]

Word out on the street is..he still wants me
He does.

I know you can hear me but I'm not sure you're listening
I hear what you're saying but still there's something missing
Whether I go whether I stay
Right now depends on whatever you say

8 ||♥||

[ mood | frustrated ]

School starts in..
8 days

I miss the DeCheney's. I don't know where they live. I know it's on Donald, off of DeBaker or Dangl...yes they moved..to the Orchard View district. Nobody has called me..so I don't know if they are living there yet or if they are still in Holton. I'm guessing they moved tho because Orchard View started school today.
and since I haven't seen them in over a week..I miss Peter even more now..I mean we started talking again last Saturday..and I think he still has feelings for me..I can tell...and Cari even told me that he never talks to any of his ex's..and that I'm the only one he talks to.

Sorry..I'm just babbling..:(

I still plan on getting my hair highlighted..
and going to the football game Thursday in Hart.
So..I end this for now I guess..
I will update more later.

Happy 28th Birthday Rick


[ mood | giggly ]

So I'm getting my hair highlighted, or foiled, whatever you wanna call it...probably either Wednesday or Thursday this week :)

School starts in 10 days..eep

Happy 20th Birthday Stephen ♥

3 ||♥||

[ mood | accomplished ]

Happy 18th Birthday Kassi!


I was young & in love, I gave you everything but it wasn't enough... [Wednesday]
[ mood | crappy ]

Yesterday would have been 4 months.


A Few Quizzes.. [Monday]
[ mood | tired ]

You'll Find a Boyfriend Within 3 Months

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You're your own woman!

"It seems like I can finally rest my head on something real

I like the way that feels"

Scheduleee [Monday]
[ mood | crazy ]

Wow it's been 2 years since I've started LiveJournal..HAHA

Here is my schedule for this year :)

1st Hr. - College Writing
2nd Hr. - Personal Management
3rd Hr. - Anatomy/Physiology
4th Hr. - Yearbook
5th Hr. - Assistant for Wilcox
6th Hr. - Psychology (AGAIN?!)
7th Hr. - Ag. Business


12 ||♥||

Moosefest [Monday]
[ mood | content ]

Here is how the day of Moosefest went down.
Moosefest..kinda long lolCollapse )

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[ mood | cold ]

Happy 54th Birthday Mom!

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